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An unprecedented humanitarian crisis is unfolding before our very eyes: More than 4 million refugees from Ukraine have been forced to flee to neighboring countries, particularly through the Polish-Ukrainian border, making this the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe. 

Caught in the middle...

Millions of civilians—many of whom are the most vulnerable populations, such as women and children, the elderly, and unescorted minors—are in desperate need of assistance and safety. There are also urgent supply needs—life saving medication, hygiene supplies, water shortages—which require fast reaction and customized transport support.

VM4U provides DIRECT aid

In order to help those who are most vulnerable, Vienna Mission for Ukraine undertakes rescue operations to aid Ukrainian refugees by bringing urgently needed supplies to facilities in Ukraine and helping the refugees in Vienna in emergency situations.

By donating now, your contribution supports us in providing DIRECT aid to vulnerable refugee populations. 

Please make your gift today.

- The Vienna Mission for Ukraine Team

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